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Lakeland Equestrian: Horse Diaries

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Little Miss Poppy

Horse: Uncategorized - November 7th, 2012

Poppy is just getting better and better.  She surprises us everyday with her calm approach to everything, her trustworthiness and her great eagerness to please.  She is a pleasure, to clip, hack out alone or in company, school and jump.  Poppy will stand in the wagon alone or in company she just isn’t fussed, she loves her trips out in the wagon.

We arrived late to Richmond Events already missing the discovery class which meant straight into Newcomers! poor Poppy , she had only jumped one newcommers before outside after a warm up in Discovery first.

It was a quick warm up as we had to go straight in, the arena was a dark small school with quiet scary fillers, she never flickered only one down and that was just a bad shot!   She’s just amazing and a real pleasure.

We even used her to help heard the sheep, she loved it!  straight in there chasing them through the fields flat out.

Here she is jumping 95cm at Ingleston

I know she makes it look like a 40cm !

Bailey S

Horse: Uncategorized - November 7th, 2012

Bailey S our special boy, WOW can he  jump,

He is the most lovable horse I have ever had the pleasure to look after, with his constant nuzzling, you just can’t keep your hands off him or lips for that matter!.

Matthew loves jumping Bailey he makes it look effortless like there is no jump big enough they are currently jumping Newcomers which they came 4th at Aintree out of 60 last week.

Foxhunter is the next step so watch out.

He was made to Dance

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur - November 7th, 2012


Well Big Bob is proving to be quite the star on the floor, With his fancy foot work and Louise’s  hard work they are bringing home them  red rosettes every time.


They recently competed at Hickstead  and won every class,  that’s after having moved up four classes in less than a year.

Thanks to Louise for keeping in touch and sending those great pictures.

Well Robbie you have big boots to fill now!  You may look a bit gangly and hairy like most yearlings but we still love you and can see how beautiful you’re going to be.







Mr Grey is a winner at his new home

Horse: Mr Grey - July 23rd, 2012

Since Mr grey went to his new home 2 weeks ago he has been a sure winner.  He has been out to three shows winning 1st place 3 times and 2 seconds , The highlight is winning the second round amateur qualifier at Rowlan this weekend.

We are all delighted that he has obviously settled in so well at his new home and must to happy with his new owner Amy to be winning so well.

The shampoo hasn’t  left the cupboard since Mr Grey was sold and we never thought we would say this but we do miss his nearly daily baths.

Keep up the good work Amy and Mr Grey we look forward to hearing all about it.


This is how Dad is doing at the moment

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur, Gran V-Bloodlines Grannex & Voltaire - July 23rd, 2012

It is lovely to be able to keep in touch with Gran V Dad since  he has left Lakeland Equestrian. Louise is kind enough to keep us updated with is dressage winnings and photos of a hugely missed big BOB.


It sounds and looks like he is enjoying his new dressage live down south

here are some recent pics

and at work


She just keeps on Winning

Horse: Miss Rolo - July 23rd, 2012

Miss Rolo  is loving her job, with wins in Discovery and 110 classes she is on top form,  her flat work is really starting to pay off with her much improved canter rhythm  making the jumping look easy.

They have been competing at REC, Dean Valley and Boldheath and bringing rosette home every time.


Here is rolo winning the 110 at Dean Valley

Proofing to be quite the little star

Horse: Poppy - July 23rd, 2012

Poppy is showing what great potential she really has, As a 4 year old she is so brave jumping everything that is put in front of her, Water walls scary fillers the lot.  She is extremely well behavedwhile both standing in the box for long periods  on her own when others are out competing to being in the collecting ring while others are miss behaving.

She competed at REC  Richmond in both the British Novice and Discovery class she was calm and cleared the fences by a mile making a lovely shape and very neat .

She is nothing but a lovely natured  horse who is a real pleasure to own and she is only 4!

Going off her ability to cover ground and how fast she is when out for a gallop up the fells,  her lovely balanced paces in her flat work then her braveness and scopy  jump she will make a great eventer.

Bailey S (nicknamed as the machine)

Horse: Bailey S - July 6th, 2012

Well he is ready to compete in his second rounds of Newcomers at Southview, he Competed at Area 14a in Foxhunter and 125 and won what more can we say, the power over them fences is just something else.

He is truly special

Miss Rolo eating up those jumps

Horse: Miss Rolo - July 6th, 2012

Well like jumping Miss Rolo has had  rather an up and down few weeks.   After acting a bit strange we called the vet and physio thinking she has a trapped a nerve but only to find she wasn’t very well at all and had a very low heart beat in resting of 22 which should be 36-40!! following a rather dire weekend of worrying the vet returned on Monday to say she was back up to 32 and had a triple beat as  found in very fit horses. The blood results showed she had potassium in her blood and also she has had a virus. So we put her heart rate down to the electrolytes  and got her some red cell to build her bloods back up. So our painful lesson was to always mix electrolytes into water and do not put into feeds as you don’t always now if your horses are drinking enough when they have automatic waters.

After 2 weeks rest and lots of TLC Miss Rolo is back fighting fit and flying high over newcomers, Competing at Area 14a in Discovery and Newcomers but it was a 4 fault day!

Competing at Richmond Events this time getting double clears in both classes 29 jumps never touching a pole. She was a true star


Area 14a Newcomers

Unique V has given us the most beautiful filly

Horse: Jellybean - Unique V - July 6th, 2012

She arrived bang on time, Saturday night of the Jubilee Weekend, She started showing signs the day before so we had yet another sleepless night watching over her and nothing!, by 3am we new she was just kidding and there was no foal to be this night, then by 8pm the following night we had a foal just like that. A beautiful chestnut filly with 2 back white socks and white blaze. She was a bit wobbly but soon got to her feet and started feeding.

We had so many obvious names for her as she was born the Queens Jubilee but the children chose Miss Jubilee, to go along with Miss Rolo and Mr grey who we have on the yard.

Miss Jubilee dam is Unique out of a Voltaire and sire is Arcko 111, Nick Skelton’s ride.

It was a wonderful site to see her first expedition into the field at 2 weeks old (on that one sunny day we had)!  It is the moment we all eagerly wait to see how she moves,  and yes she floats.

Now we have the most loveable foal ever, she runs to you for love and kisses and gets so excited when the children arrive home from school to play, she is so cute.



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