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Horse Diaries: Uncategorized

Scott Brash at Olympia

Horse: Uncategorized - January 7th, 2013

We were lucky enough to catch a minute of Scott’s time to get a picture and signed rosettes for Lottie and Harriet at Olympia.

scott Brash


Miss Rollo

Horse: Uncategorized - November 15th, 2012

Miss Rollo is just improving all the time,

With their relentless schooling  her improved movement  is really starting to show in the jumping arena, her canter is so much stronger and more rhythmical  making adjustments so much more easy .

They recently competed at Aintree where they came second out of 78 in the discovery but unfortunately just got a pole in the Newcomers class which was built very strong due to the volume in the classes.

We were all really pleased as Both Faye and Miss Rollo gave 2 great to rounds


Well Done !!!

See the link below for -Newcomers at Ingleston Dec 2012

Little Miss Poppy

Horse: Uncategorized - November 7th, 2012

Poppy is just getting better and better.  She surprises us everyday with her calm approach to everything, her trustworthiness and her great eagerness to please.  She is a pleasure, to clip, hack out alone or in company, school and jump.  Poppy will stand in the wagon alone or in company she just isn’t fussed, she loves her trips out in the wagon.

We arrived late to Richmond Events already missing the discovery class which meant straight into Newcomers! poor Poppy , she had only jumped one newcommers before outside after a warm up in Discovery first.

It was a quick warm up as we had to go straight in, the arena was a dark small school with quiet scary fillers, she never flickered only one down and that was just a bad shot!   She’s just amazing and a real pleasure.

We even used her to help heard the sheep, she loved it!  straight in there chasing them through the fields flat out.

Here she is jumping 95cm at Ingleston

I know she makes it look like a 40cm !

Bailey S

Horse: Uncategorized - November 7th, 2012

Bailey S our special boy, WOW can he  jump,

He is the most lovable horse I have ever had the pleasure to look after, with his constant nuzzling, you just can’t keep your hands off him or lips for that matter!.

Matthew loves jumping Bailey he makes it look effortless like there is no jump big enough they are currently jumping Newcomers which they came 4th at Aintree out of 60 last week.

Foxhunter is the next step so watch out.

Bailey S

Horse: Uncategorized - May 11th, 2012

Bailey S competed well at the weekend at our local BSJ area 14a show, he went double clear in the Newcomers class getting a little excited over the water jumps nearly unseating his rider with his huge jump, He is getting a bit cheeky in the Newcomers class and is ready for a bit bigger fence to give him more to think about, he is such a love able horse who loves to made a fuss of, it takes you twice as long to put a rug on or muck out as he demands kisses and nussels you to death.


Video of Newcomers Area 14a BSJ


Murphy Moves On …

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery, Uncategorized - March 19th, 2012

Today Murphy’s new home was ready ….

So he left the yard and went to meet his new companion teddy!


What a lovely greeting - very continental!

Bye Bye Bob …

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur, Uncategorized - March 13th, 2012

23rd February was a sad sad day for us and a very happy day for a new lady owner of our super star-gorgeous-cuddly-loveable Bob.

He has gone down to the South coast to practice his dressage skills! At 8.45 am the customer came to see him and by 11 am he was on his way down the road …

I guess she likes him as much as we do!

For his final photo call for such a handsome boy – here are some of the more recent ones …

Good Luck in everything he does!

Jumping for Joy …

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur, Uncategorized - August 28th, 2011

Here’s a small catalogue of our Bob’s jumping history …

Click on the titles below …

Discovery class at Chard

Discovery class at Area 14 a

British Novice Class at Ingliston

Discovery Class at Ingliston

Lesson at Buckley’s

Loose jumping in the lunge pen

happy watching!

Due Date is past!

Horse: Jellybean - Unique V, Uncategorized - May 11th, 2011

I never thought this would happen but due date has passed. Now she really is massive her belly has dropped and she really looks ready to POP!

We’ve been up to check on her every couple of hours through the night since last Friday and are now starting to wonder whether a vindaloo will work in the same way for horses as it does in people!!

Welcome to Charlie …

Horse: Uncategorized - May 4th, 2011

On a dark April night at 11.30pm we hit the road, trailer attached with a lead rope and headcollar to pick up the newest addition to the yard… ‘Charlie Chaz’. A 13hh, chestnut pony with a mane equal in fluffiness only to Jigsaw’s was winging his way to us from Ireland – picked up that afternoon we were to meet him at a service station at 2am.

As 2am came and went we waited in nervous anticipation of our new little friend. Soon he arrived in a 7 horse red wagon, his first touch onto English soil went like a dream – he behaved impeccably and got straight into the trailer (thank goodness – we did not relish the thought of chasing a pony up the M6 at 3am!) and we were soon home.

He went straight into his brand new fluffy bed and slept for what was left of the night. Next morning he was introduced to Jigsaw and Murphy in the field and they had a great time! There was a little frolicing and a lot of chomping as he took in the English view.

The next introduction was to Lottie his new superstar owner – who’s only words since he arrived have been ‘I love Him’ – armed with several carrots/polo’s/apples/grass/general titbits,  they made friends instantly.

Since he arrived they have had a great time he’s been out everyday (due to the fact we are having the driest April since – well forever!), he was lunged, ridden in the lunge pen, schooled – flatwork, schooled – jumping, been to an organised ride, been to shows, and generally been made a big fuss of !

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