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Lakeland Equestrian: Horse Diaries

Little Miss Poppy

Horse: Uncategorized - November 7th, 2012

Poppy is just getting better and better.  She surprises us everyday with her calm approach to everything, her trustworthiness and her great eagerness to please.  She is a pleasure, to clip, hack out alone or in company, school and jump.  Poppy will stand in the wagon alone or in company she just isn’t fussed, she loves her trips out in the wagon.

We arrived late to Richmond Events already missing the discovery class which meant straight into Newcomers! poor Poppy , she had only jumped one newcommers before outside after a warm up in Discovery first.

It was a quick warm up as we had to go straight in, the arena was a dark small school with quiet scary fillers, she never flickered only one down and that was just a bad shot!   She’s just amazing and a real pleasure.

We even used her to help heard the sheep, she loved it!  straight in there chasing them through the fields flat out.

Here she is jumping 95cm at Ingleston

I know she makes it look like a 40cm !

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