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Horse Diaries: Murphy – Diamond Discovery

Murphy Moves On …

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery, Uncategorized - March 19th, 2012

Today Murphy’s new home was ready ….

So he left the yard and went to meet his new companion teddy!


What a lovely greeting - very continental!

Diamond Discovery (the original and the best(some might say!!))

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - March 13th, 2012

Sunshine Scene .... the green green grass of home.

We’ve not heard from Murphy for some time now as he was having his time off and a bit of a rest but nevertheless he is always a big part of the family!


Murphy was the first horse to be bought by Lakeland equestrian and so has been here the longest. A big, beautiful boy, full of spirit but kind to his riders it was a bit of a hard day when the decision was made that it was time for him to move on.

After his time off it was decided that i would hack him out and lightly school him so he was fit to sell. Murph and i got on like a house on fire and OBVIOUSLY i fell in love with him. So much so that i was in the pub raving about his extraordinary good looks, cheeky monkey come big softie nature, politeness out on a hack, ability to please, willingness to work etc. etc. that accidentally a potential customer was invited to come and see him and ……… turns out she loves him too!

Murphy is now off  to live on a famous Lake District farm where he will be happy as larry! Best of luck to Caroline …… keep us posted!

Here’s a few of his most recent photo’s …..


Snow Scene ... playing with friends



Off on a ride ...







Playing in the Round Pen

Murphy’s Resting …

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - February 4th, 2011

Murphy is going to be having a rest for the next couple of months so the only updates from him will be of his cheeky (but generally a good boy) stable behaviour …

Murphy the Magnificent!

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - February 3rd, 2010

On Monday we took Murphy up the school, he is still being placid and lovely and gorgeous – thank goodness. He was doing really well with his walk/trot and canter transitions and is definitely straightening up so he got the opportunity to show off his jump. First we did some trotting poles which he took on really well so we upped the anti and jumped a cross pole.

Check out the picture (excellently photographed if i say so myself) what a star!



Rise and Shine Murphy

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - January 6th, 2010

Murphy has been up and out early every morning this week, this morning he was almost out at work in the dark. He thinks this is a fab start to the day (but was not so impressed this morning when he realised that it meant having his breakfast late).

He is working well and the long Winter nights mean that our little stallion has calmed down dramatically and is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is much straighter now in both walk and trot than he was and his canter is coming along brilliantly.

He had a small mishap on Sunday when he tripped over and ended up with a bust lip but being the little trooper he is he was straight back up. The same can’t quite be said for Matthew who promptly went straight over his ears (unsurprisingly) and heard his leg (he thinks he might have been stood on), his shoulder (he fell off onto the fence) and his finger (no idea how that one happened) and was walking like John Wayne for a good 24 hrs – not good.

Lets see if he can continue with his early starts.


Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - January 1st, 2010

This week has been horrendous weather, freezing cold and the snowy yard became a skating rink. Exercise therefore has been minimal and so Murphy has had to practice his yoga instead!blog-beach etc 12.12.09 336


The Beach!

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - December 13th, 2009

On Friday we packed our spades and set off to the beach. Murphy was extremely excited (perhaps some of this might have been because he was travelling next to the Mare!) and couldn’t wait to get there.

In total 2 horses and a pony went to Roanhead on a breezy but dry day, it was excellent fun from the moment we arrived.murphy matthew and brandy

The horses were not too keen to get down onto the beach as the ground was a bit on the soft side and rather nerve racking for a youngster like Murphy.

Next came the water! Murphy has never seen water on such a grand scale before but tackled it like a man (not particularly well) and made it in eventually!

Check out  the video!

Murphy on the Beach on You Tube

Murphy Makes Friends

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - November 30th, 2009

There have recently been some new additions to the yard and on Sunday Murphy was to meet the first one. Up in the school he was busy working on his trotting poles with Matthew and doing well when in came a new horse.

We were so proud of Murphy because despite what would usually have been a massive distraction he managed to keep his focus on the job in hand. He worked well with not too much dancing about and made good progress.

He was in fact so good that the collecting ring is next!

Murphy discovers mirrors!

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - November 25th, 2009

The smallest of our 2 stallions Murphy has been progressing well and so on Sunday went out for his first trip in the brand new wagon and he loved it! Despite the torrential rain battering down above his head he travelled well and was surprisingly easy to load and unload.

After the short journey we arrived at the neighbours stables and took Murphy into their school (aka our show) – thank you very much for the loan. He was a little flighty (but it was cold and wet) but seemed to find his feet well.

This was however, Murphy’s first introduction to mirrors (and these were BIG mirrors) he spent alot of time up that end of the school prancing about, we’re not sure wheter he was thinking ‘my what a handsome chap’ or ‘I’m going to kill that other horse’ but it made interesting watching!


He finally settled down and tackled some trotting poles sucessfully managing them carefully and accurately – what a star! The next thing to concentrate on is travelling in a straight line which seems difficult for Murphy but we’ll get there.

The next trip out is going to be the beach so watch out for Sand Castle Building!

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