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Horse Diaries: Sold:

He was made to Dance

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur - November 7th, 2012


Well Big Bob is proving to be quite the star on the floor, With his fancy foot work and Louise’s  hard work they are bringing home them  red rosettes every time.


They recently competed at Hickstead  and won every class,  that’s after having moved up four classes in less than a year.

Thanks to Louise for keeping in touch and sending those great pictures.

Well Robbie you have big boots to fill now!  You may look a bit gangly and hairy like most yearlings but we still love you and can see how beautiful you’re going to be.







This is how Dad is doing at the moment

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur, Gran V-Bloodlines Grannex & Voltaire - July 23rd, 2012

It is lovely to be able to keep in touch with Gran V Dad since  he has left Lakeland Equestrian. Louise is kind enough to keep us updated with is dressage winnings and photos of a hugely missed big BOB.


It sounds and looks like he is enjoying his new dressage live down south

here are some recent pics

and at work


Bob is Brilliant …..!

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur - April 15th, 2012

We’ve always known it however, it’s always great when someone else lets you know!
“I would like to thank Lakeland Stud for the wonderful job they have done with B.Grandeur, I purchased him just over a week ago and it has been the most impressive week for me with a new horse. I have over 30 years experience with young horses and I have yet to come across a better mannered and educated quality 5 year old. He has been produced to a very high standard and is exceptional easy to train because of this.
I would highly recommend Lakeland Stud to all of my friends for their professional and honest service.”
Louise Brown, Sussex.

Winning Smile!

Bob goes to Hickstead!!

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur - April 15th, 2012

Wow! Our amazing home produced baby (well not quite so baby) boy has been to Hickstead……

…. here is his photo call!


















Murphy Moves On …

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery, Uncategorized - March 19th, 2012

Today Murphy’s new home was ready ….

So he left the yard and went to meet his new companion teddy!


What a lovely greeting - very continental!

Bob’s Progress …

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur - March 19th, 2012

After missing Bob terribly for a grand total of 2 days ….

we heard from his new owner that he was getting on very well …..

… soo well in fact that not only had he been entered into the local Dressage competition he had only gone and won! With a score of 71% we are very very proud!!

Looking Stunning!

Luckily we were emailed some photo’s so we can
remember just how gorgeous he is!

Born to look beautiful!

Diamond Discovery (the original and the best(some might say!!))

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - March 13th, 2012

Sunshine Scene .... the green green grass of home.

We’ve not heard from Murphy for some time now as he was having his time off and a bit of a rest but nevertheless he is always a big part of the family!


Murphy was the first horse to be bought by Lakeland equestrian and so has been here the longest. A big, beautiful boy, full of spirit but kind to his riders it was a bit of a hard day when the decision was made that it was time for him to move on.

After his time off it was decided that i would hack him out and lightly school him so he was fit to sell. Murph and i got on like a house on fire and OBVIOUSLY i fell in love with him. So much so that i was in the pub raving about his extraordinary good looks, cheeky monkey come big softie nature, politeness out on a hack, ability to please, willingness to work etc. etc. that accidentally a potential customer was invited to come and see him and ……… turns out she loves him too!

Murphy is now off  to live on a famous Lake District farm where he will be happy as larry! Best of luck to Caroline …… keep us posted!

Here’s a few of his most recent photo’s …..


Snow Scene ... playing with friends



Off on a ride ...







Playing in the Round Pen

Bye Bye Bob …

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur, Uncategorized - March 13th, 2012

23rd February was a sad sad day for us and a very happy day for a new lady owner of our super star-gorgeous-cuddly-loveable Bob.

He has gone down to the South coast to practice his dressage skills! At 8.45 am the customer came to see him and by 11 am he was on his way down the road …

I guess she likes him as much as we do!

For his final photo call for such a handsome boy – here are some of the more recent ones …

Good Luck in everything he does!

Bob jumping 120

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur - August 31st, 2011

bob jumping 120

Jumping for Joy …

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur, Uncategorized - August 28th, 2011

Here’s a small catalogue of our Bob’s jumping history …

Click on the titles below …

Discovery class at Chard

Discovery class at Area 14 a

British Novice Class at Ingliston

Discovery Class at Ingliston

Lesson at Buckley’s

Loose jumping in the lunge pen

happy watching!

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