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Horse Diaries: Poppy

Poppy Jumping at Ingleston Dec 2012

Horse: Poppy - January 7th, 2013

We had a great weekend up at Ingleston’s three day show at the beginning of December

It was a bit like jumping in a big fridge every day, it was freezing.

The horse were rugged hot enough to cook toast then stripped to come into the warm up arena WOW,

all the horse were fresh but other than dodging the other lively bunch Poppy coped quite well.

She jumped lovely all weekend

See the link below- jumping Discovery at Ingleston 2012

Proofing to be quite the little star

Horse: Poppy - July 23rd, 2012

Poppy is showing what great potential she really has, As a 4 year old she is so brave jumping everything that is put in front of her, Water walls scary fillers the lot.  She is extremely well behavedwhile both standing in the box for long periods  on her own when others are out competing to being in the collecting ring while others are miss behaving.

She competed at REC  Richmond in both the British Novice and Discovery class she was calm and cleared the fences by a mile making a lovely shape and very neat .

She is nothing but a lovely natured  horse who is a real pleasure to own and she is only 4!

Going off her ability to cover ground and how fast she is when out for a gallop up the fells,  her lovely balanced paces in her flat work then her braveness and scopy  jump she will make a great eventer.

A fantastic effort by Poppy

Horse: Poppy - May 23rd, 2012

A great weekend to be had with the fantastic BSJ show of area 14 they could not of tried any harder to make this show any more successful, The range of classes,the ground and location was perfect,  not to mention the hospitality food tent was delicious and much appreciated after a full day showjumping.

So a huge thank you and well done to area 14 for their 2 day show.


Well we could not of asked for more from Poppy, her first BSJ show there was some quiet spooky things about and she never said no to anything, maybe a little tense and panicky in her jump but she was committed to each jump. really pleased as a starting point for her.


Here round on video


Poppy was the star of the show

Horse: Poppy - May 14th, 2012

Poppy was a real star on her first outing to our local show, it was on grass and she had her first go at wearing studs, the warm up area was very open but she behaved impeccably, She jumped 90cm and 1mtr classes which included some scary wales and spooky fillers, she didnt hesitate at any of the fences, she got one down and was a little tired at the end but admired by many as she is very pretty.

Unfortunately after videoing the childrens classes my video rang out of battery but at least I got her in the warm up area!

See videos below


Poppy Training

Horse: Poppy - May 11th, 2012

Poppy went to her first show on Wednesday to Richmond, She was extremely brave jumping, walls and some quite scary fences,  she did have one run out but only because it was a double and  she jumped to big into it and then just panicked a little. Matthew was very pleased with her and looks forward to her next show on Sunday.


Poppy is showing great potential, She is very earger to please a little quicky, but show loads of scope with a powerful Jump




What’s Poppy up to …

Horse: Poppy - April 1st, 2011

Being a star as usual Poppy wenet for her very first dressage lesson last week. Despite the fact we usually take her on her travels i the wagon she loaded/unloaded and travelled in the trailer – much to our delight she behaved impeccably.

It was a half an hour journey and when she arrived she stood in the trailer and waited quietly while gray was having his lesson – probably had a little snooze knowing Poppy!

She did really well in her lesson and both rider and horse were quite shattered! She is learning to go forward more and took on all the challenges that were thrown at her really well.

She has been for a couple of hacks out in glorious sunshine (unfortunately that has changed!) and loves it – she is now confident enough to go out by herself which is great.

She’s been up in the school quite a bit and is learning to combat trotting and cross poles – a little uncertain at first she is soon learning to take it in her stride.

She had a day out in the field with Jigsaw and had a great time (well she must have done she came back in mud from head to tail!).

The last few days the weather has been rubbish for going out in the field so she has spent time going in the horsewalker, being ridden, eating and sleeping (in both of the latter she is definitely a proffessional!)

All in all Poppy has had a varied couple of weeks and is still doing really well considereing she is our baby …

Poppy’s first real trip out …

Horse: Poppy - February 18th, 2011

Our brave girl Poppy went on her first proper trip out (where she is allowed to get out of the wagon!) last week.

We took Bob, Gray and Jigsaw up to Ings for lessons with ‘God’ aka Simon Buckley and Poppy came with us. She loaded into the wagon like a pro even though she had to get in first and stood nicely in the yard until it was her turn to get out.

We tacked her up in the wagon for the first time which she found perfectly normal (thank goodness). We braced ourselves for the excitement as she entered the new yard but, no, nothing she took it all in her stride. She even managed to wade through the puddles into the arena (which nobody else was over keen on).

Inside the school she stood for a while watching Miss-electric-bum-Harriet strut her funky stuff on Jigsaw until Matthew climbed aboard.

She was fantastic – she had a very teeny teeny buck to start off with (that was more than likely due to the fact that Matthew hadn’t ridden her for a fortnight and is a good 4 st. heavier than her other rider!) and then gracefully swung into a normal rhythm. She was very brave and we are all VERY proud of her!

Have a look …

Poppy Trip Out …

Just a little trot – the video would have been longer but the video camera operator kept getting behind things and couldn’t see!

Squeaky clean …

Horse: Poppy - February 16th, 2011

Before our horses go on any outing they always have to have a bath. We are lucky as on the yard we have a lovely warm wash off area (unless the pipes freeze in minus 12 conditions which was a nightmare!) which the horses all enjoy.

As she is only 3 we weren’t sure how well Poppy would take to her shampoo and set, however yet again we struck lucky and it turned out she was perfectly happy with the idea of getting clean!

Peachy clean …

These boots are made for walking …

Horse: Poppy - February 16th, 2011

This week Poppy has had a brand spanking new set of shoes!

She has always been good at having her fronts shod but this week was the moment of truth as to how she would behave having her backs done …

We all breathed a sigh of relief when we realised we could tick the ‘100% shoe’ box as she behaved PERFECTLY!

There's nothing to this!


Any chance of the Jimmy Choos on these??

Poppy this week

Horse: Poppy - February 4th, 2011

Poppy is going from strength to strength and has been ridden every day. She is coming on in leaps and bounds and this week has been cantered under the saddle.

She remains calm, gentle and willing to cooperate despite the most definitely gale-force winds that were thrown on her this morning! She is sleeping now – Poppy seems to be the most proficient horse on the yard at ‘power-napping’ – good on her is what i say must get it from her owner!

Here’s another video of her taking part in one of her favourite activities yesterday – loose jumping …

Please pay paticular attention to the speed demon that calls himself Brandy (the Jack Russell) …

Poppy Loose Jumping with Brandy!

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