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Lakeland Equestrian: Horse Diaries

What’s Poppy up to …

Horse: Poppy - April 1st, 2011

Being a star as usual Poppy wenet for her very first dressage lesson last week. Despite the fact we usually take her on her travels i the wagon she loaded/unloaded and travelled in the trailer – much to our delight she behaved impeccably.

It was a half an hour journey and when she arrived she stood in the trailer and waited quietly while gray was having his lesson – probably had a little snooze knowing Poppy!

She did really well in her lesson and both rider and horse were quite shattered! She is learning to go forward more and took on all the challenges that were thrown at her really well.

She has been for a couple of hacks out in glorious sunshine (unfortunately that has changed!) and loves it – she is now confident enough to go out by herself which is great.

She’s been up in the school quite a bit and is learning to combat trotting and cross poles – a little uncertain at first she is soon learning to take it in her stride.

She had a day out in the field with Jigsaw and had a great time (well she must have done she came back in mud from head to tail!).

The last few days the weather has been rubbish for going out in the field so she has spent time going in the horsewalker, being ridden, eating and sleeping (in both of the latter she is definitely a proffessional!)

All in all Poppy has had a varied couple of weeks and is still doing really well considereing she is our baby …

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