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Lowick Show Working Hunter

Horse: Bailey S - October 15th, 2013

 Matthew decided it would be nice to support our local showWorking hunterPicture 005. Unfortunately they do not have any jumping so working hunter it is!

It was not the best of weather in fact it was torrential all day but this did not put Matthew off as we were confident in our new Yaris waterproof rugs for keeping Bailey dry and well Matthew will just have to get wet.

It stopped raining long enough for Matthew and Bailey to strut their stuff, finishing the jumping as the only clear then trying to break the record for the most flying changes in a working hunter class ever.

Yes you guessed it they won, Hurray, once presented with his trophy Matthew dismounted and headed straight for the beer tent job done !!!!

Bailey’s likes a little nap after breakfast

Horse: Bailey S - October 15th, 2013

Picture 002 

Baileybailey &matthew looking less than enthusiastic for his next class.   He certainly does not loose sleep over being away from home as seen here at Ingliston in temporary stabling and Boldsworth.


Blair Castle 2013

Horse: Miss Rolo - October 15th, 2013

We had a family trip first competing at Ingliston Equestrian Centre for the weekend then headed over to Blair Castle.

We were so lucky to have fabulous weather and situated in most beautiful countryside.

Rollo jumped her little socks off, qualifying for both the Newcomers and Foxhunter  class championships  on the last day.


Miss Rollo competing at the Sunshine tour in Portugal

Horse: Miss Rolo - October 15th, 2013

Miss Rollo jumping the amatures in Portgual in the 110 and 120 classes. Finishing in 8th place overall in the tour. Rollo Portugal 6 Rollo PortugalRollo Portugal 3Rollo Portugal 4

Bailey’s trip to Portugal Febuary 2013

Horse: Bailey S - October 15th, 2013


 bailey 1Bailey S Juming in Portugal at the Sunshine Tour.bailey 2bailey

Poppy Jumping at Ingleston Dec 2012

Horse: Poppy - January 7th, 2013

We had a great weekend up at Ingleston’s three day show at the beginning of December

It was a bit like jumping in a big fridge every day, it was freezing.

The horse were rugged hot enough to cook toast then stripped to come into the warm up arena WOW,

all the horse were fresh but other than dodging the other lively bunch Poppy coped quite well.

She jumped lovely all weekend

See the link below- jumping Discovery at Ingleston 2012

Mr Grey is a winner at his new home

Horse: Mr Grey - July 23rd, 2012

Since Mr grey went to his new home 2 weeks ago he has been a sure winner.  He has been out to three shows winning 1st place 3 times and 2 seconds , The highlight is winning the second round amateur qualifier at Rowlan this weekend.

We are all delighted that he has obviously settled in so well at his new home and must to happy with his new owner Amy to be winning so well.

The shampoo hasn’t  left the cupboard since Mr Grey was sold and we never thought we would say this but we do miss his nearly daily baths.

Keep up the good work Amy and Mr Grey we look forward to hearing all about it.


She just keeps on Winning

Horse: Miss Rolo - July 23rd, 2012

Miss Rolo  is loving her job, with wins in Discovery and 110 classes she is on top form,  her flat work is really starting to pay off with her much improved canter rhythm  making the jumping look easy.

They have been competing at REC, Dean Valley and Boldheath and bringing rosette home every time.


Here is rolo winning the 110 at Dean Valley

Proofing to be quite the little star

Horse: Poppy - July 23rd, 2012

Poppy is showing what great potential she really has, As a 4 year old she is so brave jumping everything that is put in front of her, Water walls scary fillers the lot.  She is extremely well behavedwhile both standing in the box for long periods  on her own when others are out competing to being in the collecting ring while others are miss behaving.

She competed at REC  Richmond in both the British Novice and Discovery class she was calm and cleared the fences by a mile making a lovely shape and very neat .

She is nothing but a lovely natured  horse who is a real pleasure to own and she is only 4!

Going off her ability to cover ground and how fast she is when out for a gallop up the fells,  her lovely balanced paces in her flat work then her braveness and scopy  jump she will make a great eventer.

Bailey S (nicknamed as the machine)

Horse: Bailey S - July 6th, 2012

Well he is ready to compete in his second rounds of Newcomers at Southview, he Competed at Area 14a in Foxhunter and 125 and won what more can we say, the power over them fences is just something else.

He is truly special

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