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Miss Rolo eating up those jumps

Horse: Miss Rolo - July 6th, 2012

Well like jumping Miss Rolo has had  rather an up and down few weeks.   After acting a bit strange we called the vet and physio thinking she has a trapped a nerve but only to find she wasn’t very well at all and had a very low heart beat in resting of 22 which should be 36-40!! following a rather dire weekend of worrying the vet returned on Monday to say she was back up to 32 and had a triple beat as  found in very fit horses. The blood results showed she had potassium in her blood and also she has had a virus. So we put her heart rate down to the electrolytes  and got her some red cell to build her bloods back up. So our painful lesson was to always mix electrolytes into water and do not put into feeds as you don’t always now if your horses are drinking enough when they have automatic waters.

After 2 weeks rest and lots of TLC Miss Rolo is back fighting fit and flying high over newcomers, Competing at Area 14a in Discovery and Newcomers but it was a 4 fault day!

Competing at Richmond Events this time getting double clears in both classes 29 jumps never touching a pole. She was a true star


Area 14a Newcomers

Mr Grey Mean Keen flying machine !

Horse: Mr Grey - May 30th, 2012


He is just fab!!! we love him lots!!!!!

Area 14a Discovery first round


Mr Grey Wining jump off Discovery area 14a BSj

A fantastic effort by Poppy

Horse: Poppy - May 23rd, 2012

A great weekend to be had with the fantastic BSJ show of area 14 they could not of tried any harder to make this show any more successful, The range of classes,the ground and location was perfect,  not to mention the hospitality food tent was delicious and much appreciated after a full day showjumping.

So a huge thank you and well done to area 14 for their 2 day show.


Well we could not of asked for more from Poppy, her first BSJ show there was some quiet spooky things about and she never said no to anything, maybe a little tense and panicky in her jump but she was committed to each jump. really pleased as a starting point for her.


Here round on video


Mr Grey first Discovery of the season

Horse: Mr Grey - May 23rd, 2012

Mr Grey performed well at the weekend, it was his first show on grass and as ever he was eager to get on with his jumping

he unfortunately got one down as the ground ran down slightly on the planks and caught horse and rider out,

here is his video

Filmed by Harriet aged 8 so I apologies!

In the Money again

Horse: Miss Rolo - May 23rd, 2012

Faye and Miss Rolo are getting quiet a name for themselves being in the line up on both days of the show.

Now having jumped out of British Novice its straight into discovery . There was plenty to look at with lots of banners and flags but Miss Rolo never blinked inside the ring and did her job very well.

It was a shame they just got one down in the jump off section of the 2 phase but tried hard to go for the win.

Nothing was lost as they still came third which qualified them for Scope how exciting.


here is the discovery round, I apologies for the videoing but Harriet aged 8 tried her best, warning it has a  similar effect to motion sickness.


Bailey S Jumping Foxhunter

Horse: Bailey S - May 21st, 2012

Bailey S was a little fresh as he had a quieter week but he settled down as he went through his classes, he is a character chap

He competed on the Saturday in the Newcomers, then 115 and Foxhunter on the Sunday. He made an easier job of the 115 but surprised himself jumping rather large over a big oxer then being surprised at a quick turn into a water jump as the first part to a double, just showing he is still a bit green.


See how he proformed

Poppy was the star of the show

Horse: Poppy - May 14th, 2012

Poppy was a real star on her first outing to our local show, it was on grass and she had her first go at wearing studs, the warm up area was very open but she behaved impeccably, She jumped 90cm and 1mtr classes which included some scary wales and spooky fillers, she didnt hesitate at any of the fences, she got one down and was a little tired at the end but admired by many as she is very pretty.

Unfortunately after videoing the childrens classes my video rang out of battery but at least I got her in the warm up area!

See videos below


Mr Grey Training programe

Horse: Mr Grey - May 11th, 2012

Mr Grey has been put through his paces getting him fit for the start of the season, we all know he has the ability to be a good athletic show jumper. He has been working on his flat work to help with his jumping.

His natural quick reaction to the fence is great for clearing poles but he is a little quick when it comes to water trays!

He is ready for his Newcomers class which he can clear the height with ease BUT he just ain’t to sure about those water trays, he slept with them had his dinner off one stepped over them, but come to jump one and it all brand new again!

Matthew has been working with him on a daily bases and what ever the training he will include a water tray at some stage then move off it  ( we have blue ones, black ones plastic ones and wooden ones)

Richmond Discovery video


Dressage Lesson for Miss Rolo

Horse: Miss Rolo - May 11th, 2012

It managed to keep dry while Miss Rolo and Faye enjoyed their workout in their flat work lesson with Melanie Turner.

As always Mel puts them through their paces with more discipline and sharper movements, Leg yielding aiming for that bigger step through that Miss Rolo just is not to keen on doing,  after a little gentle persuasion and showing a little temper Rolo found her stride she can do it she just prefers not to!

It makes good home work.

THIRD show and THIRD Win

Horse: Miss Rolo - May 11th, 2012

There’s nothing better than winning on home ground and it was a well deserved win beating the second place by 7 seconds

She was fab!

see video of jump of below



The discovery class was a nice round but unfortunately got one down

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