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Lakeland Equestrian: Horse Diaries

Mr Grey Training programe

Horse: Mr Grey - May 11th, 2012

Mr Grey has been put through his paces getting him fit for the start of the season, we all know he has the ability to be a good athletic show jumper. He has been working on his flat work to help with his jumping.

His natural quick reaction to the fence is great for clearing poles but he is a little quick when it comes to water trays!

He is ready for his Newcomers class which he can clear the height with ease BUT he just ain’t to sure about those water trays, he slept with them had his dinner off one stepped over them, but come to jump one and it all brand new again!

Matthew has been working with him on a daily bases and what ever the training he will include a water tray at some stage then move off it  ( we have blue ones, black ones plastic ones and wooden ones)

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