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Horse Diaries: Mr Grey

Mr Grey is a winner at his new home

Horse: Mr Grey - July 23rd, 2012

Since Mr grey went to his new home 2 weeks ago he has been a sure winner.  He has been out to three shows winning 1st place 3 times and 2 seconds , The highlight is winning the second round amateur qualifier at Rowlan this weekend.

We are all delighted that he has obviously settled in so well at his new home and must to happy with his new owner Amy to be winning so well.

The shampoo hasn’t  left the cupboard since Mr Grey was sold and we never thought we would say this but we do miss his nearly daily baths.

Keep up the good work Amy and Mr Grey we look forward to hearing all about it.


Mr Grey Mean Keen flying machine !

Horse: Mr Grey - May 30th, 2012


He is just fab!!! we love him lots!!!!!

Area 14a Discovery first round


Mr Grey Wining jump off Discovery area 14a BSj

Mr Grey first Discovery of the season

Horse: Mr Grey - May 23rd, 2012

Mr Grey performed well at the weekend, it was his first show on grass and as ever he was eager to get on with his jumping

he unfortunately got one down as the ground ran down slightly on the planks and caught horse and rider out,

here is his video

Filmed by Harriet aged 8 so I apologies!

Mr Grey Training programe

Horse: Mr Grey - May 11th, 2012

Mr Grey has been put through his paces getting him fit for the start of the season, we all know he has the ability to be a good athletic show jumper. He has been working on his flat work to help with his jumping.

His natural quick reaction to the fence is great for clearing poles but he is a little quick when it comes to water trays!

He is ready for his Newcomers class which he can clear the height with ease BUT he just ain’t to sure about those water trays, he slept with them had his dinner off one stepped over them, but come to jump one and it all brand new again!

Matthew has been working with him on a daily bases and what ever the training he will include a water tray at some stage then move off it  ( we have blue ones, black ones plastic ones and wooden ones)

Richmond Discovery video


Picture Post … Mr. Grey

Horse: Mr Grey - August 26th, 2011

'Over the water'


'Winners Line Up'

Stand Up For The Champions …

Horse: Mr Grey - May 4th, 2011

24t h April was a very special day for lane End … it loomed bright and sunny, the first one of our local Area 14 a british Showjumping shows. It was a nice casual set off (for once ) as our classes didn’t start until about 1pm – there was even time for a specially barbecued (in the new special gas-that-attatches-to-the-wagon-barbecue sausage buttie before we began.

Mr. Grey was on top form he was chilled, had a pleasant, relaxed journey and was as clean as a whistle (always a novelty for mr. Grey (NB. ‘note to self: NEVER buy a grey horse!’)).

He stood like a gentlemen to have his studs fitted – a first time for him to our knowledge and performed well in the collecting ring – jumping well clear of his 90cm target.

Into the ring he went and managed a lovely, steady clear round … 

Mr Grey and Matthew Mayvers – British Novice

Thinking that it would be fab to come home from our first outdoor show with a double clear they went into the Jump off and made a sterling effort with another lovely round …

The Winning Jump Off! 

only to go and win pulling in the first  Lane End red rosette of the outdoor season …

Before the next class Mr. Grey went and had a bit of a chill in the wagon a well earned pint (of water).

Coming into the collecting ring for the second time, before his Discovery class, he naturally took it in his stride andnd again was jumping well clear of his 1m target – what a little star!

Mr Grey and Matthew – Discovery First Round

Into the ring – same old jumps different order and height he did exceptionally well and put in a second lovely clear round …

Mr Grey and Matthew – Discovery Jump Off – Winning Manouveres!

Much to our extreme delight the prize money was theirs again pulling in the second Lane End red rosette of the season


Practising at Home …

Horse: Mr Grey - February 23rd, 2011

Last weeked we seized the opportunity between rain showers (which is always the case in the Lake District) set up a lovely course of jumps and took the horses up to the school.

They all seemed to be on good form and enjoyed the idea of jumping at home.

Gray concetrated on slowing down especially between the doubles and getting a nice clear round out of a lovely course.

Gray in the school

Our new boy …

Horse: Mr Grey - February 16th, 2011

Not to be forgotten, our little gray also loved his trip up to Rowallan.

He did fantastically well considering he is relatively new to the game. He took on all that was thrown at him and managed to hold his own. He jumped high and wide but didn’t manage to collect any rosettes this time catching 4 faults in a couple of his classes. He made 2 jump offs but wasn’t quite on the money. We are working on slowing him down but keeping his snappy enery that catapults him over the poles!

Plenty of time for him to shine yet though and he was definitely the most popular of our horses. There was many a show jumper wanting to take him home this weekend!

Have a look at his performance …

Gray – unlucky 4 faults

Being a Big Brother …

Horse: Mr Grey - February 4th, 2011

As the ultimate role model and the one who is most likely to behave himself, yesterday Gray accompanied Poppy one her first EVER hack out. He proved himself a little superstar and performed his big brotherly/looking after/reassurance/company duties to his upmost ability!

He even went to the extent of being the proud carrier of ‘Gray-Cam’ and got some good if not a little wobbly footage of Poppy strutting her stuff. it all goes ok until we have alittle trot at which point it makes you feel a bit sea sick!!

Gray – Cam

A showjumping weekend …

Horse: Mr Grey, Uncategorized - January 26th, 2011

 At the weekend we had a run out to what could be called our ‘local’ showjumping competition, Greenlands EC (

It was a fab day with the horses jumping starting at 2pm we had a leisurely set off which is quite rare!

We took three horses, 2 children and a dog so it made for a grand day out!

Click below to check out the video report of Mr. Gray …

Gray goes clear at Greenlands

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