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Lakeland Equestrian: Horse Diaries

Poppy’s first real trip out …

Horse: Poppy - February 18th, 2011

Our brave girl Poppy went on her first proper trip out (where she is allowed to get out of the wagon!) last week.

We took Bob, Gray and¬†Jigsaw up to Ings for lessons with ‘God’ aka Simon Buckley and Poppy came with us. She loaded into the wagon like a pro even though she had to get in first and stood nicely in the yard until it was her turn to get out.

We tacked her up in the wagon for the first time which she found perfectly normal (thank goodness). We braced ourselves for the excitement as she entered the new yard but, no, nothing she took it all in her stride. She even managed to wade through the puddles into the arena (which nobody else was over keen on).

Inside the school she stood for a while watching Miss-electric-bum-Harriet strut her funky stuff on Jigsaw until Matthew climbed aboard.

She was fantastic – she had a very teeny teeny buck to start off with (that was more than likely due to the fact that Matthew hadn’t ridden her for a fortnight and is a good 4 st. heavier than her other rider!) and then gracefully swung into a normal rhythm. She was very brave and we are all VERY proud of her!

Have a look …

Poppy Trip Out …

Just a little trot¬†– the video would have been longer but the video camera operator kept getting behind things and couldn’t see!

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