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Horse Diaries: Uncategorized

Week 2 – On the road to success

Horse: Uncategorized - January 22nd, 2010

Louis is now in week 2 of his training schedule and is coming on in leaps and bounds (sometimes quite literally).  His possible new owner to be has been up every night and is doing really well in a keen and eager way. She was even convinnced to put some white cladding on the wall (much to her disgust) and did well.

This week he has been out hacking – with a good long canter up the fell (a first for him), has been lunged several times (with marked improvement) and has been improving his flatwork and has just embarked on jumping!

Watch out to see how he gets on next week!

The Beginning!

Horse: Uncategorized - January 12th, 2010

Louis is a 4 year old thoroughbred Chestnut. He is lovely, well mannered and very placid (except when he sees Brandy – they’re not best friends!).

Today is the beginning of his 3 week intensive training programme to get him to a good riding standard. Due to ice, snow and time constraints he has spentr much of the last 2 weeks in his box and has not been ridden much in the last 6 weeks .. so here goes!

We started his regime with some quiet lunging up in the school, he was very calm and well behaved on the way up there which was an extremely positive start. He definitely needs improvement on the lunging however as he was definitely lively, but, as it was his first time out he can be excused and we’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings!

Hello Hens!

Horse: Uncategorized - January 1st, 2010

hensAs we sadly (and happily) lost the Turkeys this week we have welcomed (courtesy of Father Christmas) we welcomed 3 new chickens!

Look out for  an update with their names!

Goodbye Turkeys!

Horse: Uncategorized - January 1st, 2010

Last week as i’m sure was obvious we had to say goodbye to the Turkeys!

I am proud to say that the lovingly nurtured, well fed, healthy specimens managed to make a final weight of 14 lbs  (thats 4hrs and 40 mins cooking time if anyone is interested) and they looked cracking.

They were definitely the tastiest turkeys ever and the only dissappointment was that someone tried to sell one in the pub for £15 despite them having a value of £50!

Thursday 24th December – Deep Litter Beds

Horse: Uncategorized - January 1st, 2010

Unfortunately shavings did not mean that mucking out was any faster in fact it took longer!

So today in preparation for Father Christmas arriving we moved the big horses onto Deep Litter Beds – time saving is imminent!

Thursday 17th Dec – Shavings

Horse: Uncategorized - January 1st, 2010

Today the Yard became messy-dropping everywhere-notquitesoabsorbent-itchy straw free as all the beds became shavings! In a bid to make life quicker easier and tidier we had 3 pallet loads of shavings shipped in and out went the straw and in went the shavings!

We’ll just have to see what we prefer!


Horse: Uncategorized - November 30th, 2009

There are a few animals on the yard that are not strictly necessary to the running of a stud farm however, they keep life interesting all the same!

At the weekend the 6, rapidly-growing-fit-for-christmas-dinner were allowed out for a stroll! They spent alot of time scratching and being rounded up by Brandy the dog!

They had a great time and will be taking a trip out again in the near future. Next time however, they will NOT be allowed on the new grass as it seems they have VERY big feet!

New Rubber Matting!

Horse: Uncategorized - November 27th, 2009

The most important thing that happened on the yard today was brand new rubber matting going down! Due to the fact that the courier simply did not understand our urgency it was a bit ‘last’ as the horses had already arrived! However, they are enjoying their new beds as we speak!

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