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Week 6 – Nearly Done with Resting!21st Dec 09

Horse: Hero - Fizzy Charlie - January 1st, 2010

Hero has had it all now – floods, ice, sub zero wind chill factors and now snow! Yesterday it put down a good 6 inches of snow although they all stayed in during the ‘blizzards’ today they were dying to get out.

It was actually quite sunny despite the crunchiness under foot but wrapped up warm they were all turned out (with alot of trust that they would not go wild). Hero loved it despite the initial disgust that the grass appeared to be buried, once he had his haylage to munch on he had a fab time.

Hero is now looking forward to the end of his holidays as his innate grumpiness is getting decidedly worse – he has now decided to start kissing you with his teeth, which is not polite!

Week 5 – Wish You Were Here! 14th Dec 09

Horse: Hero - Fizzy Charlie - January 1st, 2010

Nothing exciting has happened this week. Hero spent the first couple of the freezing cold, rainy days of this week inside happily eating his haylage and making noises at his friends.

The rest of the week he has been in the fields during the day, terrorising Saffi (the Palomino Pony) leaving a big hole in the back of her rug and consequently getting beaten up by Marylegs (rightly so).

He is now getting more grumpy having less things to keep his mind occupied and is finding it increasingly difficult to stand still!

Marylegs on the beach!

Horse: Marylegs - Rainstown Josie - December 13th, 2009

blogmarylegsatbeachNot to be left behind on Friday Marylegs, along with Murphy and another Pony Leo went to the beach. Marylegs was a little uncertain about the beach (as often Marylegs is) and this time was particularly bothered about getting in the wagon with the stallion (who can blame her). However, she rose to the occasion and going via Caterkwik to pick up her rider Faye, she arrived relatively calm.

She was very unsure about the squelchiness of the sand and spent some of her time getting on the beach backing up into the sand dunes which was particularly funny as getting up there was never going to be as much hard work as getting down! But in true Marylegs lets-fight-it-together style she made it down and was first into the water – what a star!

It must also be said that as the opportunity arose for a galllop Marylegs is definitely the fastest Horse on the yard!

The Beach!

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - December 13th, 2009

On Friday we packed our spades and set off to the beach. Murphy was extremely excited (perhaps some of this might have been because he was travelling next to the Mare!) and couldn’t wait to get there.

In total 2 horses and a pony went to Roanhead on a breezy but dry day, it was excellent fun from the moment we arrived.murphy matthew and brandy

The horses were not too keen to get down onto the beach as the ground was a bit on the soft side and rather nerve racking for a youngster like Murphy.

Next came the water! Murphy has never seen water on such a grand scale before but tackled it like a man (not particularly well) and made it in eventually!

Check out  the video!

Murphy on the Beach on You Tube

Week 3 – enjoying the Lake District

Horse: Hero - Fizzy Charlie - November 30th, 2009

Today Hero starts week 3 of his holidays and has been out to play! He wasn’t so much making sand castles as mud pies, as it is still a little soggy underfoot, but nevertheless he is still greatly enjoying himself!

The Blawith Loop

Horse: Marylegs - Rainstown Josie - November 30th, 2009

It has finally stopped raining in Lowick! Today has been a beautiful (if not a bit on the nippy side) day and Marylegs finally got to go for a nice leisurely hack without being hailstoned on!

She was so pleased with the weather, as was Faye and went on a long ride taking in the scenery of Blawith. She was impeccably behaved as always and is now having to sleep it off in her box!

Murphy Makes Friends

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - November 30th, 2009

There have recently been some new additions to the yard and on Sunday Murphy was to meet the first one. Up in the school he was busy working on his trotting poles with Matthew and doing well when in came a new horse.

We were so proud of Murphy because despite what would usually have been a massive distraction he managed to keep his focus on the job in hand. He worked well with not too much dancing about and made good progress.

He was in fact so good that the collecting ring is next!

Poor Bob

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur - November 30th, 2009

Unfortunately Bob’s training regime has slid to a nasty halt. After a fun day playing in the stallion paddock he managed to cut his front leg. The poor boy was finding it very difficult to move out of the field (where he was as far away from the gate as is possible) and the Vet had to be called.

In the rapidly growing dark, inspection lights were brought out, a full first aid kit and all manners of treats to coerce him inside, but he was having none of it, the poor boy was in shock and was obviously too scared to put his foot down.

Once the Vet arrived he gave him some pain killer and 4 of us with the use of a nifty (strung round his bum) lunge rope managed to get him from the field into his box where he was treated to the biggest bed EVER!

Up to date he has been given the very best TLC and is feeling much better.

Murphy discovers mirrors!

Horse: Murphy - Diamond Discovery - November 25th, 2009

The smallest of our 2 stallions Murphy has been progressing well and so on Sunday went out for his first trip in the brand new wagon and he loved it! Despite the torrential rain battering down above his head he travelled well and was surprisingly easy to load and unload.

After the short journey we arrived at the neighbours stables and took Murphy into their school (aka our show) – thank you very much for the loan. He was a little flighty (but it was cold and wet) but seemed to find his feet well.

This was however, Murphy’s first introduction to mirrors (and these were BIG mirrors) he spent alot of time up that end of the school prancing about, we’re not sure wheter he was thinking ‘my what a handsome chap’ or ‘I’m going to kill that other horse’ but it made interesting watching!


He finally settled down and tackled some trotting poles sucessfully managing them carefully and accurately – what a star! The next thing to concentrate on is travelling in a straight line which seems difficult for Murphy but we’ll get there.

The next trip out is going to be the beach so watch out for Sand Castle Building!

Marylegs’ Day Off

Horse: Marylegs - Rainstown Josie - November 25th, 2009

Today Marylegs is enjoying her day off. Due to having a cut on her leg she doesn’t want to be standing around in the (inevitably) muddy fields and so has just been out for a little strut!

Due to the arctic – like conditions up here in Lowick we put on her jacket and wandered up the road, enjoying the views (mainly sheep and some very funny little cows) and sampling many, many patches off grass. It was just enough for her to stretch her legs and then go back to her favourite place – bed!

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