Lakeland Equestrian Stud Farm

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Lakeland Equestrian: Horse Diaries

Poor Bob

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur - November 30th, 2009

Unfortunately Bob’s training regime has slid to a nasty halt. After a fun day playing in the stallion paddock he managed to cut his front leg. The poor boy was finding it very difficult to move out of the field (where he was as far away from the gate as is possible) and the Vet had to be called.

In the rapidly growing dark, inspection lights were brought out, a full first aid kit and all manners of treats to coerce him inside, but he was having none of it, the poor boy was in shock and was obviously too scared to put his foot down.

Once the Vet arrived he gave him some pain killer and 4 of us with the use of a nifty (strung round his bum) lunge rope managed to get him from the field into his box where he was treated to the biggest bed EVER!

Up to date he has been given the very best TLC and is feeling much better.

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