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Practising at Home …

Horse: Mr Grey - February 23rd, 2011

Last weeked we seized the opportunity between rain showers (which is always the case in the Lake District) set up a lovely course of jumps and took the horses up to the school.

They all seemed to be on good form and enjoyed the idea of jumping at home.

Gray concetrated on slowing down especially between the doubles and getting a nice clear round out of a lovely course.

Gray in the school

Practising at home …

Horse: Miss Rolo - February 23rd, 2011

Last weeked we seized the opportunity between rain showers (which is always the case in the Lake District) set up a lovely course of jumps and took the horses up to the school.

They all seemed to be on good form and enjoyed the idea of jumping at home.

Miss Rolo concentrated on getting the right leg changes after the fence and managing all the turns. They did fab together and she didn’t touch pole (another successful day for Miss Rolo).

Miss Rolo and Faye strut their stuff!

Rolo’s off galavanting …

Horse: Miss Rolo - February 18th, 2011

Our little love Rolo has been off on her travels again today she has been up to Ings for a lesson with Judith Buckley.

She concentrated on flexing and steering today, stopping her leaning into the left rein. She did really well and the lesson was good.

She enjoyed a good clear round at the end of the lesson and as usual behaving impeccably.

Poppy’s first real trip out …

Horse: Poppy - February 18th, 2011

Our brave girl Poppy went on her first proper trip out (where she is allowed to get out of the wagon!) last week.

We took Bob, Gray and Jigsaw up to Ings for lessons with ‘God’ aka Simon Buckley and Poppy came with us. She loaded into the wagon like a pro even though she had to get in first and stood nicely in the yard until it was her turn to get out.

We tacked her up in the wagon for the first time which she found perfectly normal (thank goodness). We braced ourselves for the excitement as she entered the new yard but, no, nothing she took it all in her stride. She even managed to wade through the puddles into the arena (which nobody else was over keen on).

Inside the school she stood for a while watching Miss-electric-bum-Harriet strut her funky stuff on Jigsaw until Matthew climbed aboard.

She was fantastic – she had a very teeny teeny buck to start off with (that was more than likely due to the fact that Matthew hadn’t ridden her for a fortnight and is a good 4 st. heavier than her other rider!) and then gracefully swung into a normal rhythm. She was very brave and we are all VERY proud of her!

Have a look …

Poppy Trip Out …

Just a little trot – the video would have been longer but the video camera operator kept getting behind things and couldn’t see!

Squeaky clean …

Horse: Poppy - February 16th, 2011

Before our horses go on any outing they always have to have a bath. We are lucky as on the yard we have a lovely warm wash off area (unless the pipes freeze in minus 12 conditions which was a nightmare!) which the horses all enjoy.

As she is only 3 we weren’t sure how well Poppy would take to her shampoo and set, however yet again we struck lucky and it turned out she was perfectly happy with the idea of getting clean!

Peachy clean …

These boots are made for walking …

Horse: Poppy - February 16th, 2011

This week Poppy has had a brand spanking new set of shoes!

She has always been good at having her fronts shod but this week was the moment of truth as to how she would behave having her backs done …

We all breathed a sigh of relief when we realised we could tick the ‘100% shoe’ box as she behaved PERFECTLY!

There's nothing to this!


Any chance of the Jimmy Choos on these??

Our new boy …

Horse: Mr Grey - February 16th, 2011

Not to be forgotten, our little gray also loved his trip up to Rowallan.

He did fantastically well considering he is relatively new to the game. He took on all that was thrown at him and managed to hold his own. He jumped high and wide but didn’t manage to collect any rosettes this time catching 4 faults in a couple of his classes. He made 2 jump offs but wasn’t quite on the money. We are working on slowing him down but keeping his snappy enery that catapults him over the poles!

Plenty of time for him to shine yet though and he was definitely the most popular of our horses. There was many a show jumper wanting to take him home this weekend!

Have a look at his performance …

Gray – unlucky 4 faults

Miss Rolo’s outstanding performances …

Horse: Miss Rolo - February 14th, 2011

As ever we can rely on these girls to bring home the money! Miss Rolo was as always a superstar, she behaved impeccably (in the wagon/collecting ring/arena/new stable) and managed several 3rds and a fifth.

Faye and her make the perfect team and she completed all her classes with a combination of 8 faults – pretty impressive considering she entered 6 classes in total.

Below is some video evidence of the weekends performances…

Miss Rolo bringing home the winnings – first round (90cm)

She just luuuurves bringing home the winnings – lap of honour vid …

Where’s Rolo off to?

Horse: Uncategorized, Miss Rolo - February 9th, 2011

should i stay or should i go?

Today Rolo has been of f
to her Dressage lesson and
she’s definitely learning a
few new tricks. She was very well behaved as usual  and it stayed dry (most of the time!)

Miss Rolo’s (packed to the brim) week …

Horse: Miss Rolo - February 4th, 2011

Miss Rolo has been out galavanting again this week the lucky girl. She happens to be an early morning girl and always gets worked first which seems to suit her.

On Monday she was taken up to the menage and worked hard on her straight lines and paces where she is doing well.

Tuesday she went out for a long hack – the weather was warm and she took Brandy (the Jack Russell) with her for company they had a nice canter up the fell and she came back for a good roll in the lunge pen and a stand in the sunshine.

Wednesday was her jumping lesson in Ings where everyone had a fab time. She didn’t touch a pole (she is always very careful) and was jumping high.

Thursday she was lunged in the ‘Whittaker’ which is certainly building up her fitness, she is looking like a different horse and is fast becoming the ‘best-muscled on the yard!

Today she has yet again climbed steadily into the trailer and set off to Lindale where she is having a dressage lesson. She is going to be the best ‘all rounder’ on the yard!

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