Lakeland Equestrian Stud Farm

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Lakeland Equestrian: Horse Diaries

I can’t be sure about this White Stuff!

Horse: Marylegs - Rainstown Josie - January 1st, 2010

Last week we have had way too much snow for my (and Marylegs’ liking) on Tuesday after 2 days inside (which is just boring) the ground was crunchy enough for them to have a wander outside for a couple of hours.

Wrapped up toasty warm (with their jama’s under their jackets) Marylegs was asked to venture for a frolic in the eskimo way. but she thought better of it. Being the big wuss that she sometimes pretends she can be she was not for setting foot in the snow and i struggled to get her out of her bed!

However, after a good 5 seconds of encouragement (which is about how long it usually takes to encourage her to do anything she doesn’t want to) out we went. Once she got over the initial shock she loved it and couldn’t wait to get out the next day!

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