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Lakeland Equestrian: Horse Diaries

Hop, Skip and JUMP!

Horse: Hero - Fizzy Charlie - February 1st, 2010

Yesterday Marylegs and Hero had a fabulous day up in the sunshine-y, school being taught by the infamous VIP Show jumping extraordinaire Kelly Shaw! After warming up they got cracking on some trotting poles with a small cross at the end.

DSC04069They both tackled these just grand so for Hero the poles got higher…

(he likes the challenge)

Focusing on Marylegs’ bending – which is a tad onesided at times!

Next it was time to take on some bigger jumps Marylegs did well and cleared it easy on her left rein …
she managed to clear the jump equally well on the right rein…
… the only problem was when she had to head back up the school my did she have trouble turning! Eventually with a little ‘human wall’ persuasion she made it round and really looked the part!
Poor Hero after he had stood and watched Marylegs seemed to think his time was done and seemed to lose his fuel tank. He did however, first clear all his jumps, put in no stops and all in all did an excellent job as Hero often does! Unfortunately the battery ran out on my camera…

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