Lakeland Equestrian Stud Farm

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Lakeland Equestrian: Horse Diaries

Big Bob on his back legs!

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur - November 25th, 2009

Today Bob is recovering from yesterday’s mild trauma. Up in the school (all gates shut and safety precautions taken may i add) Bob in his own stubborn – i can’t be bothered to listen right now – way decided to unseat his rider (Matthew) in a most phenomenal fashion.

Doing a simple 20 m circle in a slow and controlled trot he decided he had quite simply had enough of these capers and would rear dramatically with his feet at least 15 ft in the air (i am only slightly prone to exaggeration). Both horse and rider fell swiftly to the ground, pausing only to create a spectacular commando roll, off they both set galloping round the school.

 Thankfully Bob seemed to have frightened himself more than Matthew and within minutes he was back up there. From that moment the lesson got far better Bob was attentive and well behaved for the remainder of his training session.

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