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Lakeland Equestrian: Horse Diaries

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Jumping for Joy …

Horse: Uncategorized, Bob - B. Grandeur - August 28th, 2011

Here’s a small catalogue of our Bob’s jumping history …

Click on the titles below …

Discovery class at Chard

Discovery class at Area 14 a

British Novice Class at Ingliston

Discovery Class at Ingliston

Lesson at Buckley’s

Loose jumping in the lunge pen

happy watching!

Picture Post … Rollo

Horse: Miss Rolo - August 26th, 2011

Picture Post … Mr. Grey

Horse: Mr Grey - August 26th, 2011

'Over the water'


'Winners Line Up'

Picture Post … Bob

Horse: Bob - B. Grandeur - August 26th, 2011

'Does this mud pack make me look younger??!'

'Does my bum look big in this?'

'Over the water'

'Big Beautiful Bob'

Jellybaby is Here …

Horse: Jellybean - Unique V - May 16th, 2011

At 3.45 am on Saturday 14th May 2011 we were very very pleased to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful, fantastic, strapping, young colt!

We’d been awake for approximately a week by then –  checking on our mare every couple of hours throughout the night to no avail. However, saturday morning came and on the 3am check we knew we were in business – she was lying down something she has not done all week and panting! We decided to give her half an hour then go back and check on progress.

After 20 mins we had had enough of waiting and we went over to see her – she was back standing up and there was most definitely a foal on its way out!!

Within 5 minutes andwith  a little helping hand we had a foal on the floor and a mother pleased to see him!

Within an hour he was trying to get up and rapidly changing colour! By daylight he was on his feet and searching for his first meal! He eventually found it and is now doing fantastically well and is utterly gorgeous!

Faye and Miss Rolo strut their stuff!

Horse: Miss Rolo - May 11th, 2011

24t h April was a very special day for Lane End … it loomed bright and sunny, the first one of our local Area 14 a british Showjumping shows. It was a nice casual set off (for once ) as our classes didn’t start until about 1pm – there was even time for a specially barbecued (in the new special gas-that-attatches-to-the-wagon-barbecue sausage buttie before we began.

Miss Rolo as usual was being her steady, well behaved self – looking all squeaky clean and newly polished for the camera.

The first class British Novice – one of the first times they have competed together at this height and what a corking job they made of it …

British Novice – First Round

… after storming through the first round with a definite clear round, they entered the jump off…

British Novice – Jump Off

… true to form they made an equally triumphant job of that gaining a fantastic DOUBLE CLEAR – congratulations to them both.

Not to be beaten they decided to go the whole hog and jump their biggest competition to date and enter the Discovery (this braveness has been attributed to the watching of Tomb Raider and deciding that if Lara Croft could be that brave than how hard could a 1.05m track be!!)

Much to our delight (but certainly not surprise – we knew they could pull it off easily) they made an equally fab job of the Discovery as well and claimed another clear round …

Discovery – first round – clear

So here we go the Discovery Jump Off …

Miss Rolo and Faye’s Discovery Jump Off

… unfortunately they had 4 faults but a pretty round all the same … after musc video analysing it was a unanimous decision that those 4 faults were just bloody unlucky!

Due Date is past!

Horse: Uncategorized, Jellybean - Unique V - May 11th, 2011

I never thought this would happen but due date has passed. Now she really is massive her belly has dropped and she really looks ready to POP!

We’ve been up to check on her every couple of hours through the night since last Friday and are now starting to wonder whether a vindaloo will work in the same way for horses as it does in people!!

Due date is approaching …

Horse: Jellybean - Unique V - May 5th, 2011

Oh my, oh my we would have bet £1000’s on our jellybean popping her foal early because to say the least she is MASSIVE …

  She is showing all the classic signs of being near the birthing process but no sign of little feet as of yet.

She is due on saturday and we are ready and waitng, there is a field of lush grass ready for mare and foal to sink their teeth into, she is bedded up like there is no tomorrow , our foaling box is stocked to brim and she is ready in her penthouse birthing suite!

'I hope someone is fitting this place out with gas and air!

Welcome to Charlie …

Horse: Uncategorized - May 4th, 2011

On a dark April night at 11.30pm we hit the road, trailer attached with a lead rope and headcollar to pick up the newest addition to the yard… ‘Charlie Chaz’. A 13hh, chestnut pony with a mane equal in fluffiness only to Jigsaw’s was winging his way to us from Ireland – picked up that afternoon we were to meet him at a service station at 2am.

As 2am came and went we waited in nervous anticipation of our new little friend. Soon he arrived in a 7 horse red wagon, his first touch onto English soil went like a dream – he behaved impeccably and got straight into the trailer (thank goodness – we did not relish the thought of chasing a pony up the M6 at 3am!) and we were soon home.

He went straight into his brand new fluffy bed and slept for what was left of the night. Next morning he was introduced to Jigsaw and Murphy in the field and they had a great time! There was a little frolicing and a lot of chomping as he took in the English view.

The next introduction was to Lottie his new superstar owner – who’s only words since he arrived have been ‘I love Him’ – armed with several carrots/polo’s/apples/grass/general titbits,  they made friends instantly.

Since he arrived they have had a great time he’s been out everyday (due to the fact we are having the driest April since – well forever!), he was lunged, ridden in the lunge pen, schooled – flatwork, schooled – jumping, been to an organised ride, been to shows, and generally been made a big fuss of !

Stand Up For The Champions …

Horse: Mr Grey - May 4th, 2011

24t h April was a very special day for lane End … it loomed bright and sunny, the first one of our local Area 14 a british Showjumping shows. It was a nice casual set off (for once ) as our classes didn’t start until about 1pm – there was even time for a specially barbecued (in the new special gas-that-attatches-to-the-wagon-barbecue sausage buttie before we began.

Mr. Grey was on top form he was chilled, had a pleasant, relaxed journey and was as clean as a whistle (always a novelty for mr. Grey (NB. ‘note to self: NEVER buy a grey horse!’)).

He stood like a gentlemen to have his studs fitted – a first time for him to our knowledge and performed well in the collecting ring – jumping well clear of his 90cm target.

Into the ring he went and managed a lovely, steady clear round … 

Mr Grey and Matthew Mayvers – British Novice

Thinking that it would be fab to come home from our first outdoor show with a double clear they went into the Jump off and made a sterling effort with another lovely round …

The Winning Jump Off! 

only to go and win pulling in the first  Lane End red rosette of the outdoor season …

Before the next class Mr. Grey went and had a bit of a chill in the wagon a well earned pint (of water).

Coming into the collecting ring for the second time, before his Discovery class, he naturally took it in his stride andnd again was jumping well clear of his 1m target – what a little star!

Mr Grey and Matthew – Discovery First Round

Into the ring – same old jumps different order and height he did exceptionally well and put in a second lovely clear round …

Mr Grey and Matthew – Discovery Jump Off – Winning Manouveres!

Much to our extreme delight the prize money was theirs again pulling in the second Lane End red rosette of the season


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