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Breaking & Training

Lakeland Equestrian stud work with horses of all ages providing training and instruction that instils the vital attributes required to properly prepare horses for their futures in both work and play. We specialise in preparing horses for competition although we can help all horses overcome unwanted behavioural issues for example promoting happiness while being handled, tied up, transported and treated by a vet or farrier.

Working with young horses is something that we are particularly passionate about and Matthew specialises in breaking them in and preparing them for competition.

Matthew and his team start the breaking in process with loose work in the large lunge pen. This work is carried out on a Martin Collins surface which aids with the sharp movements of the horses and helps limit any injuries. Matthew and the team carefully and patiently begin to form relationships with the horses, they get used to him being in close proximity, becoming familiar with Matthew and his voice in a relaxed, safe environment where the horses feel they can run away if they're scared whilst Matthew starts to ask the horses to move away and forward. Once the horses accept Matthew, relaxing and enjoying their rewards we introduce lunging by rope.

Lunging with one rope is followed by lunging with two which in turn is followed by adding tack a soft training bit and saddle. Once long reining has been carried out in the common environment the horse will then long rein up to the school and in the field before venturing down the quiet nearby lanes.

In the next stage we get the horse used to someone standing off the floor and towering over them, leaning on them then lying over the back while stood, this get the horse accustomed to weight on their backs. Only when the horse is relaxed and happy with these actions will Matthew then sit on the horse.

The gentle training carried out from this point is based on the horses' reaction and how comfortable they are with it.

Once the horse is training nicely it is up to the customer if they wish to turn their horse away for a few months to completely relax and digest the breaking in.

B Grandeur - Lakeland Equestrian Purchased him as a Stallion Broke him in as a 3 year old competed as a 4 and 5 year old jumping then sold into the dressage field

B Grandeur at Lakeland Equestrian

"I would like to thank Lakeland Stud for the wonderful job they have done with B.Grandeur, I purchased him just over a week ago and it has been the most impressive week for me with a new horse. I have over 30 years experience with young horses and I have yet to come across a better mannered and educated quality 5 year old. He has been produced to a very high standard and is exceptional easy to train because of this. I would highly recommend Lakeland Stud to all of my friends for their professional and honest service. "
Louise Brown, Sussex

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